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Chaikin Testimonials

Couldn’t Be Happier! I recently met one of our readers, who had purchased Chaikin Analytics after watching your presentation to Mauldin Economics viewers. He has already recouped his investment, via your options feature, and he couldn’t be happier with the service…

He proceeded to explain to other readers in the room how valuable he has found your system—to the point where they are asking me how they can subscribe!

Ed D’Agostino, Publisher, Mauldin Economics | 9/24/16

I netted 17,408 profit this morning. I just wanted to thank you both for your work with Chaikin Analytics. I have found more success in the past two weeks using Chaikin than I have had the rest of the year. Last week made money on RF calls, QCOM puts, XUE stock, and others. But, I had the biggest winner of the year today on Yelp earnings (based on Marc's Bearish play of the week). I bought 3 different puts strikes, risking $7,168 and netted 17,408 profit this morning. Chaikin Analytics allows me to have a consistent way to view the market and drives me to make confident money making trades. See below from my actual account:"

MT | 7/29/15

90% Average Return on My First 6 Earnings Trades!
"I had a 90% average return in my first six earnings trades using OptionsPlay and the Earnings Features.

All very simple trades. [Chaikin Analytics] makes the process fast and efficient. So, instead of getting bogged down in due diligence, I was trading.”

Mark W. | 5/2/16

Jim Cramer, CNBC Mad Money 4/7/15 —

"Bob Lang recommends looking at Chaikin Money Flow created by famous analyst
and entrepreneur Marc Chaikin..."

“Four and a half stars”

“…institutional grade analysis as simple as typing in a ticker and hitting the enter key. Leveling the playing field between institutions and individual investors is no easy task, but Marc manages to pull it off in affordable fashion”. Read More>>

"For those investing in equities, this is a valuable tool to have on hand. It's an aid to both defense and offense in your portfolio. The reports, Portfolio Health Check and Market Insights are excellent drill downs into more detail..."
—Jose Batista

“I’m a big fan of Marc Chaikin.”
—Jon Najarian
Trading Expert, CNBC Fast Money

"The workstation is a fantastic resource, whether searching for investment opportunities or validating research. I’ve made significant money with the Power Gauge Rating. This is a must-have for any investor, from the sophisticated institutional techie to the individual investor. Try it and have fun!"
—William F. Landy

"I've known Marc Chaikin for a long time… he is still raising the bar when most analysts at his career stage are resting on their laurels."
—John Bollinger, CFA, CMT

"For those investing in equities, this is a valuable tool to have on hand. I am very impressed with Marc Chaikin’s analytics… self-directed investors need a very structured and easy-to-use system that will keep them out of trouble. That’s the way Chaikin Analytics was designed.”
—Tom Lloyd
Author and Investor

"a slick, impressive, easy-to-use tool"
—David D.Janowski

"I needed a cornerstone - a staple in my trading that I could turn to for confirmation. I found that consistent confirmation with Chaikin Analytics. It turned out to be so much more: I've used it to actually identify multiple trading opportunities, most of which have provided me with amazing returns."
—Rachel Fox, FoxOnStocks

"Chaikin is in good company: one way to locate a good stock is to locate the right industry. Chaikin’s approach recommends both specific stocks and industries to swap for weaker performers.”
—Mike Hogan, Barron’s

I’m Trading Confidently And Beating The Market! "I'm fairly new to trading stocks within the last two years. I wasn't familiar with options trading and when I first started off, it was more about trading on instincts.

Now, with Chaikin analytics, I can make trades where I'm confident I'll come out on the positive side. Just started trading options [in] the past few months and today made my biggest profit off of buying put options on CAVM a few days earlier.

Thanks to Chaikin Analytics, I have more confidence in my strategy to beat the market and a plan for everyday!"

Chris L., Chaikin Analytics Subscriber | 6/16/16

New TaylorMade M2 Golf Clubs In My Future! “Thanks to Chaikin Analytics, there is a new set of TaylorMade M2 golf clubs in my future. Using the software, I’ve made 4 trades (still in one) but have closed three out as follows: EXC Calls, 20 days, $1,292 profit; KND Stock, 24 days, $3,435 profit; and T Calls, 10 days, $692 profit for a total gain of $5,419. I’ll even have money left over to play a few rounds with the M2s. Thanks for a great product.”

R.W., Chaikin Analytics Subscriber | 7/29/16

I think I can learn this amazing thing too! "I've listened to two of Sandy's webinars. I've never listened to a webinar before. You two are the dream team in so many ways.

Right now I'm talking about the genius of Marc to create this functional system out of what has always seemed like chaos to me and the brilliance of Sandy to learn the stuff and present it with such frankness, simplicity and genuine caring. Sandy, I love it that you want all your criteria to line up practically perfectly before you buy! I think I can learn this amazing thing too!"

Steve Godwin, Chaikin Analytics Subscriber | 7/26/16

60% Profit in 1 Week "[Using Chaikin Analytics], I sold my 3 NKE July 29 puts for a 60% profit, holding them for one week (6/20/16 to 6/27/16)."

R.H., Chaikin Analytics Subscriber | 6/29/16

"I made 150% on the CAVM trade [using Chaikin Analytics]!"

E.M., Chaikin Analytics Subscriber | 6/21/16

A Better Night's Sleep and Impressive Returns "After getting hammered in the August, 2015 correction, I decided to take advantage of what Chaikin Analytics REALLY offers to its subscribers. That is, a better night's sleep and some impressive returns. Rather than 'swinging for the fences' and striking out, I've learned to DO what the system tells me, and to enjoy my 16% return. Yes sir… nothing like the smell of a 'Very Bullish' Power Gauge Rating and a 'Money Flow Buy' signal to get the blood pumping in the morning. Thanks to Marc, Joe, and the entire Chaikin Analytics team for giving my confidence (and a good night's sleep) back again."

Jim D., Chaikin Analytics Subscriber | 4/14/16

Finds the Good Stuff "…even though Chaikin Analytics makes it pretty easy to find good opportunities, Sandy has figured out how to make it even easier for regular investors to find the really good stuff and concentrate on buying and selling only them. I've also decided to get rid of other services I've been using for years because this one makes a whole lot more sense."

P.S., Wealth Manager | 4/11/16

Most Straightforward Analysis Product I've Ever Used "I've been using Chaikin Analytics software for several weeks . . . I've already closed out two trades for gains of 70% and 115%. Over the years I have tried different software packages and programs. Chaikin Analytics is by far the most straightforward analysis product I've ever used."

Eric M., Chaikin Analytics Subscriber | 3/3/16

Best I've Ever Seen I'm blown away by your earnings update. It's the best I've ever seen. Thank you!

P.M., Chaikin Analytics Subscriber | 2/28/16

Up Over 54% in 5 Weeks! Thank you again for signing me up. As of yesterday, I made enough to pay for the annual subscription, so the rest of the year is just gravy . . . Year to date I'm up over 54%!!! That in itself would be a great year; but it's only been 5 weeks!!

J.G., Chaikin Analytics Subscriber | 2/10/16

Chaikin Analytics Changed My Life I’m up over $17,000 just with my options trades on GOOG (Google), AMZN (Amazon), and PCLN (Priceline). It’s all from checking the Chaikin Power Gauge Rating. Chaikin Analytics is a godsend. I’ve been a subscriber for not even 2 weeks . . . You changed my life. Thank you very much!!!!

Harry S, Chaikin Analytics Subscriber | 2/3/16

Arlene Battishill, Ph.D., Chaikin Analytics Subscriber | 2/3/16

You guys are the best at what you do . . . and my #1 go-to source for daily advisory information. And of course, the Analytics platform is simply amazing. Best of breed . . . and getting BETTER by the day. Keep up the good work and know we're out here peddling our a$$'s off with your information.

J.D., Chaikin Analytics Subscriber | 1/6/16

Service is Invaluable: I”m sold on the value you provide. I make a living trading and you are an important part of my trading process. My results have never been better. The “EDGE” and confidence I get in my trading in greatly enhanced with the use of Chaikin Analytics. A serious trader looking for increased productivity, confidence and added edge will find your service invaluable as I have.

Chaikin Analytics Subscriber | 12/8/15

Gold Mine of Profitable Ideas: In the first two days of using it [Chaikin Analytics], I more than paid for my annual subscription. In my second week, I made over $15,635 on three earnings plays. I like the combination of several indicators on one page and the clear, easy to follow signals it gives. I would highly recommend the system to other investors who want to save time and improve their returns . I consider it a ‘gold mine’ of profitable ideas.

RDS, Portfolio Manager | 12/8/15

Funny. I made $714 on my first PUT option yesterday. Thanks again for giving me the confidence I never had. I sometimes wonder how people miss a tool this accurate, and how is it that you give this out for free? Free because the $1900+ subscribing fee [for Chaikin Analytics] is nothing compared to the ROI you get using this tool.

R.O. (New in trading) | 12/7/15

Thanks to Chaikin Analytics I have made amazing profits! On 11/16/15 bought 3 TSLA puts for a total of $1200. Sold them on 11/11 for a total of $2460!! 101% profit!!! My new record profit of 163% was an earnings trade on ANF . . . Chaikin Analytics has been increasing my confidence tremendously! Thank you so much, Marc, for creating this amazing tool that does all the hard work for me and allows me to focus on only the trades with the best probabilities of success!

E.B. | 11/23/15

I feel it's my duty to write and tell you how absolutely incredible Chaikin Analytics has become. It started great but with the options and screener additions (at no additional cost), I feel it's absolutely the best product on the market regardless of price . . . Have recommended your product to all my investing friends as the best product I've ever tested... Again I want to thank you and your team for making my life easier and much better. Doesn't get any better than this!

J.D. | 11/23/15

I bought M (Macy’s) and CMI (Cummins Inc.) based on my reading of the technical charts in Chaikin Analytics and made a little over 100% on each!

Ken B. | 11/18/15

Chaikin has not only been profitable but perhaps more importantly, has kept me out of many stocks that I may have otherwise purchased!

PM | 10/19/15

Thanks so much for RMBS today. Almost trippled my money on this in one day. I realize it may go lower but this was a great call. Thanks!!!

AP | 9/16/15

I honestly cannot thank Marc enough for the Chaikin oscillator. I use it on all time frames. I know of no other indicator superior to it. It is truly a remarkable invention!

JK | 9/1/15

I started out at $350 in July and by following the Chaikin Analytics newsletters my account balance is now at $3,666

Dee Asay | 8/26/15

Thank you for the market alert, I used that alert to sell futures and capitalized on the downward move in the markets today!

JM | 8/24/15

I traded the Z and YELP Bearish stock of the week for the first time using your service. I bought puts. Made 70% in 3 days on Z and 240% on YELP in 1 day. Your service is great-thanks very much.

LF | 8/19/15

I’m a cheap bastard but . . . made $2,260 in a week and a half! Invaluable!: Using the Chaikin ‘Upcoming Earnings Reports’ and looking at Very Bearish stocks, I used bear Call Spreads on WFM, OXY, WYNN and GMCR. Using very low risk setups made enough to pay for the subscription in about 5 days . . . The Chaikin and Apple Trader /WallStreet io systems have been quite helpful. Highly recommend both. (Oh, yes, I am a cheap bastard so I don’t sign up for a service very often, but these two are invaluable).

George H., Wallstreet io and Chaikin Analytics Subscriber | 8/13/15

This system works, but you have to put the trade on to make it happen. I made +106% on the CPA put in less than 48 hours. Missed the KSS trade. I’m a happy camper.

Tom | 8/13/15

This system works, but you have to put the trade on to make it happen. I made +106% on the CPA put in less than 48 hours. Missed the KSS trade. I’m a happy camper.

Tom | 8/13/15

18.7% gain on CPA short in 4 days, 141% gain on KSS Puts overnight. Maybe I’ll take the rest of the week off. Found both of them with Chaikin. IBD is virtually no help to me in finding shorts.

Rick | 8/13/15

On Monday I took Cldx trade from the this week hotlist. In 1 day I made 400% profit. Thanks very much. Cldx 21 put buy 0.95. Sold 3.80

Mohan E. | 8/11/15

I have gone to Chaikin as my primary source for possible trades. In the last 2 months I have netted $4950 positive. I would recommend Chaikin to anyone and indeed have recommended it to several people.

Wayne B. | 6/29/15

If you are not armed with the right tools then you're simply wandering lost. In all of my years in trading I have tried many different styles and approaches, but Chaikin Analytics is one system that stands out, head and shoulders above the rest. I need to make quick decisions as an options trader. We need precise and definitive data to make quick decisions. This product [Chaikin Analytics] delivers on all levels.

Bob Lang, Options and Equities Trader & Mentor | Frequent Guest on CNBC and Jim Cramer’s Mad Money

Incredibly Impressive: Chaikin Analytics is incredibly impressive. You’ve brought a new excitement back into my trading. Keep up the good work . . . Also, I’m in the process of cancelling some of my other subscriptions and it feels great.

Greg W. | 5/9/15

The Most Amazing System: Quite honestly, this is hands down the most amazing system that I’ve ever seen. And pretty much everything I need to help me make informed trading decisions, is in one place. Prior to this, I was going to numerous different sites to pull in all the various pieces of data that I needed . . . So trust me when I say that Chaikin Analytics is a perfect fit for me.

Greg W. | 5/9/15

Excellent Support And Learning Tools: I can tell that you people run a quality business with excellent support and learning tools. It’s great to see that there are businesses out there who are truly trying to help out individual investors like myself.

Greg W. | 5/9/15

Just wanted to thank you for the word on ESL. Bought puts on Wednesday (6/3) for $1,700 and sold them this morning (6/5) for $10,200! That's awesome!

BW | 6/5/15

100% Profit. Thanks @chaikintools for the quick cash on #YHOO . Entered put option Friday on sell signal, cashed out 100% profit today.

#OpportunityLuck | 5/22/15

In the 5 business days that I have been using Chaikin Analytics, I have paid for the subscription over ten fold. This may be attributed to a large portfolio, sticking to only using only Chaikin stocks rated "very bullish" and a bull market. These initial results are nothing short of astounding. PLEASE EXTEND MY THANKS TO THE ENTIRE CHAIKIN TEAM.


Congratulations on another terrific pre-earnings call on SFM. With the stock down 9% this morning, you can color me happy as I ring the register on May put options. You folks have been on a real roll this year with many fabulous insights on stocks that have led to monster winning trades. Keep up the great work. Thanks for all you do. Chaikin Analytics is the go to source for actionable ideas.

Christopher R. Castroviejo | President, Directional Research & Trading, Inc.

I am a long time user of IBD and MarketSmith. For me, Chaikin not only provides a missing link, it goes above and beyond any rules based system I have encountered. Also, the visual presentation is superb and makes it very easy to grasp with effortless ease what is really going on in the Market, Industry, and individual stock. Please convey to Marc, Sandy and John Schlitz that all the recent webinars were excellent. I have learned a lot. Congratulations and thanks to entire Chaikin Team!!

AP | 4/8/15

I made $5,000 in less than two weeks on the strength of your recommendation to buy NXP Semiconductors (NXPI).

MB | 3/14/15

Chaikin Analytics would clearly be valuable for advisors who take an active approach to asset allocation…It really does pack a lot of data and analytical power into a very small package.

Joel Bruckenstein | Financial Planning

I cannot express how well received this has been ... clients love the information and more importantly TRUST the information. In one situation the client invested an additional $500,000 in her portfolio just because she could see that my recommendations were supported by your research.

Wealth Manager

An aid to both defense and offense in your portfolio. The reports are excellent drill-downs into more detail...

Money Manager

I love turning the app to get a Portfolio Health Check Report, and now that I can email them to clients right from the application, they're even more useful. You'll have a customer for life.

Registered Investment Advisor

Decided to subscribe to Analytics last month and love it. I can get rid of (other system). Makes it extremely quick to identify strong and weak sectors, get specific stock ideas, or filter a big list down to some names for trades.

Registered Investment Advisor

You folks have been on a real roll this year with many fabulous insights on stocks that have led to monster winning trades. As my friend Marco Rubio would say: you are 'en fuego!' Keep up the great work. Thanks for all you do. Chaikin Analytics is the go-to source for actionable ideas.

C.R.C. | 5/8/15

Over 400% Profitable: "Thanks to your service I am well over 400% profitable on my Hershey 95 puts. I bought (5) May 15 $95 puts @ 0.67 and yesterday they closed at $3.90. Do the math. 458.97% showing in my account.

FS | April 30, 2015

OMG. As you suggested bought some MYL 2 days ago and added to my position with Relative Strength signal first thing this am. Already up 15%. I am a True Believer!

Anne G | 4/8/15

Chaikin has made me enough money this week to buy a year’s subscription for 15 people from profit alone.


My Chaikin Analytics subscription paid for itself in my very first trade – and then paid me back more than 11 times again over my first year.


I followed your AMZN trade …. Great trade!! Profit covered next year's total cost of our two months in Hawaii, after taxes! My wife thanks you and I thank you.


These guys are very good. I've been a trader for 20 years and believe this is the best tool available

TW | 2/2/15 (Facebook)

I love the product. Chaikin has really helped me find winners and get out of positions that were rolling over.

JM | 1/8/15

Keep up the great work. Rarely do any similar services offer the level of support education and professionalism as Chaikin.

Anonymous | 1/8/15

This is a great tool. Marc is a sage - I love his calm in a crazy world/ industry.

DC | 1/8/15

The Chaikin crew - Marc, Eric & Dan have a mission not based solely on making money but to help people, like me, invest with as a little risk as possible. I truly believe your mission is to help people like me take control of my investments while minimizing my risk. Other services are just trying to line their own pockets – Chaikin treats their clients with respect and integrity.

R.B. | 1/8/15

Thanks! “I am thrilled that I got the heads up to go long SWKS before earnings the first week I subscribed to the service. That trade paid for my entire yearly subscription. Thanks and I want to compliment you on how user friendly your App is.

Petra Hess | 7/22/14

5 for 5! Amazing results! LULU, AA, SWKS, NOW, DWRE. I just closed out DWRE for 14% profit this morning. There are so many so-called experts selling their stock trading ideas on the web, it’s really nice to team up with some honest, ethical people. Thank you for your solid advice.

RM | 8/5/14

I Made 3x My Subscription Price. I have to tell you… Marc sent out that emergency Market Insights Report on Oct. 9th warning investors to stand down. I took a put on SPY. I got out and made 3x my subscription price.


I am an individual investor and trader. There is not enough time in my day to do the work Chaikin Analytics puts before me in minutes. I am 'wowed'. And yes, you can quote me on that.

Cheryl | California

You Pick the Winners You keep picking winners like this and you can post anything you want [from me]! There are so many con artists selling their stock trading ideas on the web, it’s really nice to team up with some honest, ethical people. Thanks for your guidance.

RM | 8/5/2014

Marc, I made enough money on Rite Aid and Green Mountain Coffee with Chaikin Analytics to buy a new car!

Bill L

My Chaikin Analytics subscription paid me back more than 11 times in 2013. By far the best investment I’ve ever made.

Anne D

On the strength of your recommendation, I shorted a stock for the first time ever, and made double the Chaikin Analytics annual subscription in just 15 days. Thank you! Actually, on the strength of Chaikin Analytics, I have made enough money to pay all my living expenses for the past 18 months and consider managing my money now "my job", because in using Chaikin Tools, I can earn much more than I could in the workplace: pretty important for a woman living on her own. My girlfriends are a bit in awe.

PH | 5/8/14

I was using a bunch of different sites but I really wanted to replace them with one go-to system, which I can do with this product.


I sincerely appreciate Marc's effort to help the small investor gain access to his highly sophisticated stock market guidance
for a very reasonable cost.


I keep shaking my head at how often this model gets it right.


Your after-sales service has been exceptional. It's like having my own team of professionals behind me, wanting me to succeed

D | Canada

190% Profit in Two Days! I put on a WFM put trade which was your alternative bear trade of the week in Market Insights. Today I locked up a 190% profit in two days. Consider me a loyal user!


Marc's weekly Market Insights works as my market trading GPS. The accuracy of the SP 500 Index level predication is pretty amazing.


I am now totally addicted to Chaikin system…I may need an AA meeting if this doesn’t stop…

AG | 1/17/14

You are Marc’s secret weapon for marketing and customer retention

BL | 1/24/14

Actually, on the strength of Chaikin Analytics, I have made enough money to pay all my living expenses for the past 18 months and consider managing my money now "my job", because in using Chaikin Tools, I can earn much more than I could in the workplace: pretty important for a woman living on her own. My girlfriends are a bit in awe!

PH | 5/8/14

WOW Sandy!! What an excellent presentation yesterday. I attended your afternoon webinar yesterday and it was really good and you were spectacular! I was very impressed with you delivery, sincerity, your knowledge and your down to earth presentation style. I mean it. I am not blowing smoke; I am telling you the truth.

Billy Ladin | 2/19/14 CA Subscriber, investor and Friend of Marc Chaikin’s)

I watched the webinar again, tonight and I am really impressed with what Mr. Chaikin has created and Sandy was wonderful. She is one of us and she gave an honest presentation from the heart. It was a great presentation. I enjoyed it very much.

JoAnne Moody | 12/23/14

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