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The Centerpiece: The Chaikin Power Gauge

The centerpiece of Chaikin Analytics is the Power Gauge, a proprietary, 20-factor alpha model that analyzes masses of data and distills it into simple displays. Back-tested on 10 years of data by stock screening expert Marc Gerstein, and supported by the first-year performance of the Chaikin Nasdaq Enhanced Alpha Indexes (outperforming by over 45%), the model is remarkably accurate in identifying stocks likely to out- or under-perform the market 3-6 months out (see detailed white paper).

The Power Gauge, plus our new Trend and Relative Strength Indicators, join our family of industry-standard Chaikin Indicators - Chaikin Money Flow and trading bands, which are found on almost every trading platform in the world.

Provides reliable decision support, based on a simple, rules-based methodology:

  • High-potential stocks/ETFs which are likely to outperform
  • Potential stocks/ETFs to avoid, sell or reduce in position size
  • The strengths or weaknesses of the constituents of indexes, ETFs, or portfolios
  • Corroborating investment decisions with an objective and proven suite of analytics
  • Potential entry and exit points

Enhance client engagement and communication.

  • Be alerted to sudden changes in the characteristics of a client’s portfolio or a particular holding
  • Combine fundamentals with technicals – get a quick read on any stock
  • Leverage a proven third party model when discussing new ideas or responding to client inquiry
  • Easily prepare client portfolio summaries evaluated through the lens of Chaikin’s unbiased and proven 20-factor model

Improve workflow and save time spent when:

  • Monitoring client portfolios & holdings for recent changes
  • Generating additional investment ideas
  • Researching companies and sectors
  • Managing client relationships and building your practice

NEW! Chaikin Stock Screener

Use the Chaikin Power Gauge in combination with your
investment strategy for powerful stock ideas.

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OptionsPlay is now integrated with Chaikin Analytics to make
trading options easier and more profitable.

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About Marc Chaikin

After more than 40 years on Wall Street as a trader, broker and analyst, Marc Chaikin founded Chaikin Analytics in 2009 to build on his legacy of delivering actionable equities research and analytics to professional money managers. Marc most recently created the Chaikin Power Gauge rating after years of working with institutional investors to help them improve their investment performance.

He built Bomar Securities around a real-time analytics workstation for portfolio managers and traders and sold it two and a half years later, in 1992, to the Instinet subsidiary of Reuters. It was renamed Instinet Research and Analytics, and, with order routing added, grew into a $50 million dollar business in 5 years. Instinet workstations became the industry standard and proliferated to the point where they were used by 5,000 investment professionals. It was the first real-time analytics workstation for institutional money managers and trading desks, now part of Thomson Reuters' institutional workstation.

While known primarily for his technical indicators, which are on every platform worldwide, the Chaikin Power Gauge rating is unique in that it’s the only model that combines technicals with fundamentals … and, it’s a quantum leap forward for investment decision-makers.

Marc appears on CNBC, Bloomberg and Fox Business News and is a contributor to Nasdaq, Forbes SeekingAlpha and MarketWatch.

Marc Chaikin, Founder & CEO


"Chaikin Analytics would clearly be valuable for advisors who take an active approach to asset allocation…It really does pack a lot of data and analytical power into a very small package." - Joel Bruckenstein, Financial Planning

"I cannot express how well received this has been ... clients love the information and more importantly TRUST the information. In one situation the client invested an additional $500,000 in her portfolio just because she could see that my recommendations were supported by your research." - Wealth Manager

"An aid to both defense and offense in your portfolio. The reports are excellent drill-downs into more detail..." - Money Manager

"I love turning the app to get a Portfolio Health Check Report, and now that I can email them to clients right from the application, they're even more useful. You'll have a customer for life." - Registered Investment Advisor

"Decided to subscribe to Analytics last month and love it. I can get rid of (other system). Makes it extremely quick to identify strong and weak sectors, get specific stock ideas, or filter a big list down to some names for trades." - Registered Investment Advisor