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The Workspace


After signing in, you will see the Chaikin Analytics workspace which allows you to navigate between multiple watchlists, see quotes, Power Gauge Ratings, and Alerts for any watchlist, and drill down to a Chaikin chart designed to give you a quick, confident read on a stock’s potential.

Chaikin Analytics WebApp

Symbol Universe

Stocks. Chaikin provides quotes, historical data, Power Gauge Ratings, and fundamentals on approximately 4,500 U.S. equities, including all NYSE and NASDAQ listed stocks (except Bulletin Board and Pink Sheet stocks).

ETFs. Chaikin Analytics provide quotes, history, and technical analytics on all ETFs traded on NYSE or NASDAQ (around 1400), and constituents for long-only U.S. equity ETFs (around 500). ETFs have limited Fundamental data and do not currently have Ratings.

Intraday Prices. Prices are updated once per minute during the trading day, and do not require an exchange agreement. Prices come from the BATS electronic exchange, which generally tracks exchange prices to within approximately a minute.

Power Gauge Ratings. Power Gauge Ratings are calculated for any stock in the symbol universe with at least 1 calendar year of trading data, and valid values for at least 10 of the 20 model factors.

App Controls

Main Navigation

Chaikin Analytics WebApp

Select Workspace, Screener, or Sectors & ETFs to switch between views.

Chaikin Analytics WebApp

These icons control access to vital features, as described below.

Product Updates

Chaikin Analytics WebApp

When you sign in, you will see any new Product Update messages from Chaikin, received since the last time you signed in. Expand and Collapse messages to read them, and press "Load Previous Messages" to see messages from the last 30 days. "Press "Done" to hide the window and stop it from showing the next time you sign in.

Message Center

Chaikin Analytics WebApp

Press the Message Center icon to see recent Product Update messages. If new messages have been received since you signed in, you will see a badge indicating the number of messages.

Chaikin Analytics WebApp

Select a Message to view it in the Product Updates window.

Chaikin Insights

Chaikin Analytics WebApp

Access Chaikin Insights – Chaikin’s home for premium market commentary and actionable stock ideas, updated daily. This will open in a separate browser tab.

Product Resources

Product Resources

  • Getting Started. A 'welcome sequence' for beginning users including a Quick Tour and overview video.
  • Resource Center. Access to the Chaikin Analytics Resources page.
  • Webinars. Register for upcoming webinars or watch previously recorded ones.
  • Contact a Specialist. Call or email one of our dedicated support team, or schedule a one-on-one session.
  • User Guide, Terms, FAQs. Helpful information about the product.
  • Chaikin Power Gauge. Reference material on the Power Gauge Rating and its factors.
  • OptionsPlay. User Guide and video walkthru for OptionsPlay.

Username and Logout

Chaikin Analytics WebApp

Your Username is displayed near the right corner of the Main Controls area. Press the drop-down arrow and select “Logout” to end your Chaikin Analytics session.


Chaikin Analytics WebApp

Settings Menu

  • About. Chaikin Analytics version info.
  • Terms of Service. Legal details.
  • Import List. Import a list of tickers from an external source into Chaikin Analytics. See Importing a Watchlist for details.

Workspace Controls

Symbol Entry

Enter a ticker symbol or company name into the Symbol Entry Box to see matching results.

Chaikin Analytics WebApp

Press < Return > or click  to add a stock to a User List you are viewing (if you are not viewing a User List, pressing "+" will add the stock to your My Stocks list.)

Press the  icon to see a 1-year daily Chaikin chart of the stock.

Press Chaikin Analytics WebApp or clear the text in the Symbol Entry Box to hide the results.

Markets Menu

Chaikin Analytics WebApp

The Markets Menu provides quick access to common Index ETFs. Select a symbol to see its composite quote and index constituents, in Panel View, sorted and colored by Percent Change for the day. This allows you to easily spot advancing and declining market activity in these indexes.

Quotes are updated once a minute during the trading day.

Chaikin Analytics WebApp

Sector & Subsector Views

Chaikin Analytics WebApp

Select S&P Sectors or S&P Subsectors to see the 9 SPDR Sector ETFs, or 20 SPDR Subsector ETFs (plus the SPY itself) in Panel View, colored by change for the day.

This is a great way to spot concentrations of overall market strength or weakness during the trading day.

View Buttons

Chaikin Analytics WebApp

Toggle between the Watchlist, Panel View, and Alerts View. These are described in the Watchlist section.


Chaikin Analytics WebApp

Press the Reports button to see:

  • A Chaikin Power Gauge Report for the currently charted stock.
  • A Chaikin Portfolio Health Check report for the active list.

These will open as separate tabs in your browser, and can be downloaded as PDFs for printing or emailing. Reports are described more fully in the Reports section.