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The Power Suite Workspace


After signing in, you will see the Chaikin Power Suite workspace.

Chaikin Power Suite

Symbol Universe

Chaikin provides quotes, Power Gauge Ratings, and Reports on approximately 5,000 U.S. equities, including all NYSE and NASDAQ listed stocks (except Bulletin Board and Pink Sheet stocks).

Quotes are updated once per minute during the trading day, and do not require an exchange agreement.

Power Gauge Ratings are calculated for any stock in the symbol universe with at least 1 calendar year of trading data, and valid values for at least 10 of the 20 model factors.

Main Controls

Chaikin Power Suite

Symbol Entry

Enter a ticker symbol or company name into the Symbol Entry Box to see matching results.

Chaikin Power Suite

Press < Return > or click  Chaikin Power Suite to add a stock your “My Stocks” list (up to 99). A Power Gauge Report will load.

Press Chaikin Power Suite to clear text, and click outside the Symbol Entry Box to hide the results.

Market Quote

Chaikin Power Suite

In the top right of the workspace, you’ll see an S&P500 quote (updated once a minute during the trading day).


Chaikin Power Suite

Your Username is displayed near the right corner of the Main Controls area. Press the drop-down arrow and to Upgrade your subscription or “Log out” of your Chaikin Power Suite session.

Settings Menu

Chaikin Power Suite

Press the Settings button to:

  • See application information and Terms of Service
  • Access this User Guide
  • Log out of your current session.

Main Navigation

Chaikin Power Suite

Select one the 3 Reports to display in the main window of the application.

These are described later in this User Guide

Downloading Reports

Select 'Download'

Chaikin Power Suite

A .PDF file of the Report will be downloaded to your browser’s Downloads folder. From there, you can move it to your Desktop or desired location to save, email, or print.