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As you add stocks, your My Stocks list will automatically sort by Power Gauge Rating, from strongest to weakest, enabling you to quickly spot risks and strong points in your portfolio.

Chaikin Power Suite

At top, you’ll see a green/yellow/red Power Bar showing number of Bullish/Neutral/Bearish stocks in the list.

Select any stock to see a Power Gauge Report on it.

Press the Up/Down Arrow keys while in the Watchlist to move through stocks. Reports will automatically load as you move through the list.

Watchlist Display

Each stock shows Power Gauge Rating, Symbol, Last, and daily Change (and Percent Change.)

Deleting Symbols

To delete a stock, hover over it in the Watchlist and press Chaikin Power Suite .

Sorting the Watchlist

Chaikin Power Suite

By default, lists are sorted by Power Gauge Rating, from strongest to weakest.

  • Press “Symbol” to sort alphabetically, once for ascending, again for descending.
  • Press “Rating” to sort the list by Power Gauge Rating – once for strongest on top, again for weakest on top.

Signals and Alerts – What Are They?

Signals and Alerts are premium features - in the Chaikin Analytics application, the Watchlist would indicate stocks triggering Chaikin Buy and Sell Signals today, as well as important Alerts - these are listed below:

Alert Description
Power Gauge Alerts Stocks whose Power Gauge Rating has become Bullish or Bearish as of a result of the most recent update.
Price Trend Alerts Stocks which have crossed above or below their long-term on a closing basis as a result of the most recent update.
Earnings Surprise Alerts Companies which have reported quarterly earnings different from the analyst consensus estimate.
Estimate Revision Alerts Companies whose consensus earnings estimate for the upcoming quarter has changed (by at least $.02 or 2%).