NASDAQ Chaikin Power Stock Indexes Celebrate
First Year Success:

NASDAQ OMX and Chaikin Analytics enhanced alpha indexes outperform by over 45%! The indexes were launched April 1, 2014 and are based on the Chaikin Power Gauge model.

Each index significantly outperformed its benchmark in the first year by up to 77%, decisively supporting the long-term
predictive value of the model.

The NASDAQ Chaikin Power US Large Cap Index outperformed by 52%, the NASDAQ Chaikin Power US Small Cap Index outperformed by 77%, and the NASDAQ Chaikin Power US Dividend Achievers outperformed by 49%, as indicated in the chart below:

Index and Symbol NASDAQ Benchmark NASDAQ/Chaikin Index Difference
Large Cap (NQULCHK) +10.02% +15.26% +52% (524 bps)
Small Cap (NQUSCHK) +5.97% +10.55% +77% (458 bps)
Dividends (NQDACHK) +5.74% +8.55% +49% (281 bps)
Available to fund managers, advisors and investors for licensing and implementation through separately managed accounts and ETFs, the new indexes:

  • Provide client portfolios with enhanced index performance while maintaining liquidity and transparency.
  • Filter the NASDAQ US 300 Index, NASDAQ US 1500 Index and NASDAQ US Broad Dividend Achievers Index to their
    most promising constituents.
  • Are rules-based, quantitatively enabled investment strategies designed, and proven in the first year, to outperform
    their respective benchmarks.
  • Are based on the Chaikin Power Gauge, a multi-factor quantitative model developed by long-time stock analyst Marc Chaikin.

Learn more about the stock indexes by clicking on the symbols above.

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For licensing inquiries about NASDAQ Chaikin Power Indexes as model portfolios for separately managed accounts or for registered products to be offered by ETF providers or mutual fund advisors, please call +301.978.8050 or email