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The Chaikin Power Gauge stock rating

The centerpiece of Chaikin Analytics is the Power Gauge, a proprietary, 20-factor alpha model that analyzes masses of data and distills it into simple displays. Back-tested on 10 years of data and supported by the first-year performance of the Chaikin Nasdaq Enhanced Alpha Indexes (outperforming by over 45%), the model is remarkably accurate in identifying stocks likely to out- or under-perform the market 3-6 months out (see detailed white paper).

The Power Gauge, plus our new Trend and Relative Strength Indicators, join our family of industry-standard Chaikin Indicators - Chaikin Money Flow and trading bands, which are found on almost every trading platform in the world.

"My analysts are enthusiastic users of Chaikin Analytics and use it to analyze the trades and recommendations of our writing team, giving them feedback and insight into their own ideas.”

John Mauldin, Financial Expert & Chairman of Mauldin Economics

Stock Analytics for Investors

"My subscription paid for itself in my
first trade — and then paid me back
more than 11 times again my first year."

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Stock Analytics for Professionals

Chaikin Analytics would clearly be valuable
for advisors who take an active approach
to asset allocation."
—Joel Bruckenstein, Financial Planning

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Chaikin Nasdaq Stock Index

Nasdaq and Chaikin enhanced alpha indexes based on the
Chaikin Power Gauge outperform benchmarks by over 45%.

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Chaikin Market Academy

Groundbreaking stock research and analysis platform that cuts through the clutter to help you outperform, but simple enough for anyone to learn.

Based on a proven quantamental model and cutting-edge equities research, Chaikin Analytics combines
carefully curated fundamental and technical indicators with proprietary analytics in an easy-to-use application to
enhance your performance. Comprehensive, timely, and actionable, Chaikin Analytics has become the
indispensable decision support tool of choice for individual investors and equity professionals.